Workflow Tools for Web Development

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Web developers don't have to do everything by hand. There are many tools and frameworks that can make your workflow more productive and efficient—helping you code faster and cleaner than before.

This course introduces browser tools for analyzing and testing your code; text editors that help you write it; and shortcuts and tools for automating repetitive web dev tasks. Plus, learn how version control systems like Git actually help save you time, in addition to saving you from mistakes. Get an overview of the pros and cons of each tool as well as examples, tips, and guidance for evaluating which ones will work best for you.

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Building Stronger Front-End Practices

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At the core of developing the front end architecture of any website is a thorough knowledge of not only HTML and CSS but also how to use these languages effectively. In this course, Building Stronger Front-End Practices, you'll learn how to make your projects more maintainable, flexible and scalable.

When you're finished with this course, you'll have a stronger foundational knowledge of front-end technologies that will help you as you move forward to build better projects and be able to apply best practices, no matter what front-end tools you choose.

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October 13 - November 26, 2015

Instructor & Curriculum Development

Digital Skills for Beginners / Ladies Learning Code

This part-time, 7 week program was designed to build digital literacy skills and add technical skills to the student's current career paths. To gain an understanding of various technologies used to create digital products, this program covers introductory and fundamentals of HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress, SEO and design principles.

Christina was an excellent lead instructor at the Ladies Learning Code part-time Digital Skills program. She led a group of budding developers in a fun and engaging way. Not only was she generous with her time in helping students, she was also receptive to their needs and tailored her lessons accordingly. Her friendly personality made for a great learning environment. Christina has provided me with encouraging support and guidance ​in my own career and I believe anyone would benefit from having her as their instructor.

Hazel Llanes // @hzlllns Designer, Front-End Developer, Ladies Learning Code Mentor

January 2015 - April 2015

Instructor & Course Development

Business of Interactive Media / Humber College

This course is part of the Web Design and Interactive Media program and looks at the business issues involved with being an interactive designer and web developer. Students explored a variety of topics such as freelancing, networking strategies, personal & professional branding, creating an effective resume, interview prep and how to get job ready.

Christina is super personable and down to earth. She is a dedicated educator who passionately distills her life experience and expert knowledge of web technology, into an engaging experience for her students. Her knowledge extends not just to the subject matter but to the industry as a whole and the many experiences that students from all walks of life may face along the way.

Her honesty, along with the enthusiasm she brings to her work, makes her a great friend, teacher and mentor

Wes Francis // @wslydean Interactive Developer and Creative Coder

Christina was the most energetic and engaging instructor during my three years at Humber. She was always prepared for classes and took the time to learn about each student, making her lessons that much more personable. Her insights about emerging digital trends and constructive feedback allowed me to learn what I was doing wrong, while feeling encouraged to keep trying.

Jupiter Winters // @Jupit3r_ User Experience Designer

September 2014 - December 2014

Instructor & Course Development

Web Programming 3 / Humber College

This course is part of the Web Design and Interactive Media program. This is a second year course, which allowed students to go into greater detail on responsive design, advanced CSS techniques, CSS pre-processors and PHP.

Christina is a fantastic teacher, and gives really helpful, encouraging feedback on every assignment. She also makes sure that it's relevant based on each student's skill level. In this way, she is able to motivate beginners and help keep them from being discouraged, while also challenging more advanced students and keep them from getting bored.

She also paints a realistic picture of what it's like working in the tech industry, including how to deal with clients, coworkers, and the social challenges associated within the community. With this in mind, I felt a lot less nervous about what to expect when I started working, and I felt well prepared to deal with these issues.

Kristen Nakamura Front End Developer

January 2014 - June 2014 (2 cohorts)

Instructor & Mentor

Front-End Web Development Immersive / HackerYou

This 9 week, full-time program focuses on front-end development and covers languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery. Also covered were responsive design techniques and WordPress.

Christina has an incredible way of breaking down a complex topic and explaining it to her students in a thoughtful and inclusive approach to learning. During my time at HackerYou Christina was a mentor to me in more ways than one; not only did she expertly demonstrate coding concepts and tech skills to her students, but she offered valuable insight and knowledge into what it's like working in the tech industry.

Gab White // @gabwhite Freelance Designer, Developer, & Illustrator

Christina was one of my favourite instructors at HackerYou. She always had a positive upbeat attitude that created a comfortable learning environment. I liked her combination of technical expertise and bubbly personality which made her a great asset for me to learn web development and break into the industry. Christina’s knowledge of tech extended outside of the code as she helped guide me to into my new career by critiquing my resume + cover letters, connecting me to top firms and giving me pointers on the interview process.

Matt McFadyen // @mattmcfad Web Developer

September 2012 - April 2013 (2 courses)

Instructor & Course Development

Web Programming 1 & 2 / Humber College

These courses are part of the Web Design and Interactive Media program and provides students with a fundamental understanding of the concepts that underpin client-side web programming for both desktop and mobile platforms. These first year courses focused on the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.

I've gotten to know Christina very well during my 3 years as her student at Humber College. Her distinct teaching approach and specific insights not only helped me progress as a front-end developer, she broadened my understanding of the tech industry as a whole. Accompanying her hard work ethics, Christina's cheerful personality and go-getter attitude encouraged me to work harder at certain tasks but to also have fun with it.

Will Du // @willduwilldu Designer & Developer