By the time you’ve reached this page, I’m sure you’ve read so many “about me” profiles that start with “Hi! I’m so and so and I’m a [insert job title here].” I spent so much time thinking about how I could be different but then again, isn’t that why you’re here? To find out about what I do? Well, here’s the short version:

I’ve been working in tech since 2006. I’ve had many job titles like Web Designer, Interface Developer, Software Engineer, Front-end Developer. Basically, I make what you see online.

I’ve also been teaching since 2012, mostly front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and tech-related soft skills courses. I’ve taught 1000+ students at Humber College, HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code, where I also created and managed the adult programs while I was the Director of Curriculum. If you’ve taken an LLC workshop anywhere in Canada, there’s about a 90% chance it was written by yours truly!

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I moved from Abbotsford, BC when I was 20 years old because I really needed a change. First I went to San Jose, California and completed my first year of university at San Jose State. Then I transferred to York University, here in Toronto, and completed a degree in Communications and Psychology. About a year later, I took a 14 week Web Design program at Seneca College and I’ve been in tech ever since.

These days I’m working independently, doing technical consulting and teaching.

I’m also exploring more creative pursuits such as designing tee shirts and accessories for Nuthin’ But a Tee Thang, an online store I’m running with my husband. And I teach BODYPUMP, a full-body weight training class, at Goodlife Fitness.

If you want to know even more about me, check out my talks, things I write, why I celebrate with manicures, my resume or LinkedIn profile.