Ladies Learning Code Redesign

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Ladies Learning Code redesign Ladies Learning Code redesign

The previous Ladies Learning Code website was part of the Learning Labs website, an online digital literacy hub which included various programs such as MakerKids, HackerYou and Hive Toronto. After the Learning Labs site was donated to Ladies Learning Code, I took over the site maintenance and redesign (by Studio Function) to make the website all Ladies Learning Code.

I have to admit, at first I thought “How hard could it be to change some brand colours and content?” Boy was I wrong. This site was built using a custom WordPress theme and included a lot of intricacies and as it turns out, this involved significant revisions to remove & replace all of the other member organizations branding and content.

Also, new content, pages and features were added which required the addition of more custom post types, custom fields and templates while still working with the current codebase.

Ladies Learning Code redesign

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Ladies Learning Code Roadmap

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The roadmap was created and designed by Studio Function to help the Ladies Learning Code learners find the best workshops for their goals and needs. The learner first chooses a goal and based on the selected goal, the workshops for the path will be displayed. Also, when learners choose a city, they will be able to see and register for upcoming events or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date if the workshop is not currently scheduled in their city.

A combination of WordPress custom post types, queries and JavaScript was used to filter the results.

Ladies Learning Code roadmap

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The Wire Ipsum - Quote Generator

JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, Responsive

The Wire Ipsum Quote Generator

I created this for fun after I realized that of all the many, many ipsum generators available, there was nothing for HBO’s The Wire fans!

Pick your favorite character and generate a couple paragraphs for your next project. See what happens if you forget to choose an option!

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More projects to be added. Stay tuned!