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Donuts & Manicures: Celebrating Your Achievements

29 April 2016

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When I heard about Lara Hogan’s career celebration process of eating a donut to be “deliberate about marking achievements” I thought it was a fantastic idea. I tend to focus on all the things that I have yet to accomplish and then make myself feel bad for not accomplishing them. But when I was putting together the content for my website redesign last year, I remember thinking “Damn, girl! You’ve done a lot!” (I sometimes talk to myself.)

Anyway, that’s enough tooting of my own horn. The point is, I agree wholeheartedly with Lara that we should take a moment to celebrate our successes. I eat donuts and sweets all the time so I decided that my achievement celebration treat would be to get a manicure! I mostly work from home and when I do go out, it’s usually to teach my BODYPUMP class so I spend pretty much most of my time in tights and workout gear so having an excuse to do something “fancy” is definitely a treat. So by the time I got a chance to get the manicure, I had two achievements I wanted to celebrate so I chose two colours!

When I heard about Lara Hogan's ( career celebration process of eating a donut for each achievement to be "deliberate about marking achievements" I thought it was a fantastic idea. So I'm going to start marking my achievements with a manicure! I have two to celebrate so I chose two colors. 4/18/2016 Got a contract to do some teacher training. 4/23/2016 First Coffee with Christina session was a success! #celebratorymani

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So far this is my first marked achievement but hopefully there will be more to come!

Update: View the #celebratorymani archive page!

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