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Work or Play? #summerofme

21 June 2014

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Christina Truong
Photo by Miguel Weston.

Despite being interested in computers during my teenage years, I fell into web development by accident. I was in my last year at York University in Toronto, completing a degree in Psychology and Communications when a professor had us experiment with different kinds of media by showing us how to create simple web pages using Dreamweaver. I enjoyed it and became my group’s unofficial “webmaster” but because I was finishing up my degree, it didn’t even occur to me to pursue it any further. It wasn’t until about a year later, in a dead end job, I was bored and started flipping through a Seneca College brochure and came across a Web Design program. I decided to take the plunge, quit my job and joined the program.

Over the past eight years, I’ve been able to work at some great places and even started teaching web development three years ago. Though I’ve enjoyed being in this field thus far, there have been numerous times over the years where I’ve stagnated or put off things I’ve wanted to do or learn because I “didn’t have time” or had work that needed to be completed first or just plain didn’t think I was smart enough to go outside of my comfort zone. Despite enjoying writing code, I never really did it just for “fun.”

After chatting with a friend about how I finally made silly, non-work related project for once (shameless plug: The Wire Ipsum quote generator), this discussion turned into a pact to devote 30mins a day for the entire summer to doing something tech related, just for fun.

The rules are simple. Minimum 30 minutes per day, every day from June 21st — September 23rd is devoted to rediscovering why we got into this industry to begin with. Whether it’s the same project or something new everyday, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun! For me it will probably be writing a few blog posts (I have many drafts saved all over the place), reading articles that I’ve bookmarked for later and doing small experiments with different languages and technologies like angular.js, canvas, processing, etc.

For me, the point of #summerofme is to get rid of the idea that I need to create some kind of masterpiece (which usually keeps me from creating anything at all) and just enjoy experimenting, learning something new and to rediscover why I got into this to begin with.

Daily updates will be posted to keep me accountable!

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