Christina Truong

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Ladies Learning Code Roadmap, 2015

HTML, WordPress/PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS/Sass

Theme customization and development, responsive, content strategy.

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Ladies Learning Code offers a variety of beginner friendly workshops on a variety of topics. For those starting out, it may be difficult figuring out which workshop to take and in what order. The Roadmap was created to provide a learning path for learners to find the best workshops for their goals and needs.

Roadmap designs for mobile, tablet and desktop
Roadmap designs for mobile, tablet and desktop by Studio Function

The Roadmap

The learner first chooses a goal and based on the selected goal, the workshops for that specific learning path will be displayed, in order.

Roadmap landing page
Choose a learning path

Also, when learners choose a city, they will be able to see and register for upcoming events or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date if the workshop is not currently scheduled in their city.

Animated image demonstrating how the roadmap works
Choose your city to filter results

A combination of WordPress custom post types, queries and JavaScript was used to filter the results for each learning path and city.

I was also the Director of Curriculum during this time and worked to overhaul, create and standardized the workshops. Since I was very familiar with the content, I also advised on the strategy and recommendations for workshops for each learning path.

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