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Ladies Learning Code Redesign, 2014

HTML, WordPress/PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS/Sass

Theme customization, responsive, content strategy, documentation.

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The previous Ladies Learning Code website was part of an digital literacy hub, The Learning Labs, which formerly featured various programs such as MakerKids, HackerYou and Hive Toronto. The Learning Lab’s website was eventually donated to Ladies Learning Code, and I took over the site maintenance and codebase. A redesign and rebranding (by Studio Function) were required to make the website all Ladies Learning Code.

At first I thought “How hard could it be to change some brand colours and update content?”

Original Learning Labs homepage
Original Learning Labs homepage
Rebranded Ladies Learning Code homepage
Rebranded Ladies Learning Code homepage

Rebranding and Rebuilding

As usual, I was being optimistic. However, in my experience, working with an existing codebase rather than building a new codebase from the ground up always presents certain challenges because you have to find a way to add new changes without breaking the existing content and codebase!

This site was built using WordPress and a custom theme so there was also the constraints of working with the existing Wordpress customizations to ensure content in the database continued to be displayed properly, in addition to adding new requirements. This involved significant revisions to remove & replace all of the other member organizations’ branding and content.

Some new additions to the site were a new About page, separate chapter city pages and separate landing pages for each program.

Ladies learning code site redesign animation
New About page featuring content such as an interactive map, links to various programs, team section and sponsors

City specific pages allowed each chapter lead to add local content and automatically filter in events specific to their city.

Ladies Learning Code Vancouver chapter page
Vancouver chapter page
Ladies Learning Code Vancouver events

Rebranding for each new program page was integrated accordingly and also features program specific content.

Ladies Learning Code landing page
LLC (Programs for adults)
Girls Learning Code landing page
GLC (Programs for girls)
Kids Learning Code landing page
KLC (Programs for kids)

Other revisions included refactoring and optimizing the codebase, processes and writing documentation.

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