In addition to workshops and courses, I also offer various consulting services such as:

Got something in mind not listed here? Check out my FAQs or give me a shout at to discuss options.

Front-end Architecture and Development

I can build the front-end architecture, framework or templates for your project. I also provide documentation to help your team maintain the codebase. I can also help with the UI/UX and content strategy as well.

Check out my volunteer work with Women&&Tech to see a sample.

Kevin Hinkson, Pruvera Chief Technology Officer

We had been working on a modern fraud management system for high volume merchants for quite some time. While it was technically sound it lacked the usability required for our target audience. We turned to Christina and she helped us break down our immense list of features and tools into a simple and beautiful interface that our average user could make sense of right away. She was a blessing and we were thrilled with the results after leveraging her expertise.

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Instructor Training

My instructor training sessions are appropriate for new and experienced instructors. Though I often talk about technology related instruction, the main focus is on the behavioral aspects of teaching and creating an engaging and inclusive teaching environment.

Tara Wilkins, Camp Tech Director of Sales & Marketing & Instructor

I completed a train-the-trainer session with Christina and to this day, I still use the teachings. She delivers the content in such a way that it sticks with you and really resonates (she's also fun and very empathetic, which I enjoyed). I learned a lot about managing a room, engaging students and being inclusive so that nobody feels left out.

I'm grateful for the training and would recommend her to anyone who runs a training company and to anyone who teaches. She is an indispensable resource for becoming a better Instructor. I hope we can utilize her skills again in the future. She's such a pleasure to work with!

Jessie Willms, Front-end Developer

Christina is the kind of person you always hope will be your instructor, mentor, or colleague. She’s smart, compassionate, and has a great sense of humour. She is equally adept at making complex programming concepts easy to understand, as she is in making the sometimes heavy subjects like exclusion in the tech industry, accessible.

Not someone to ever talk down to you, or make you feel small, Christina’s workshops empower teachers by giving them the tools and language necessary to be better, more fully-rounded educators.

I had the pleasure of having Christina as a teacher for technical web development classes in addition to the leadership training session as a mentor and teacher's assistant for Camp Tech. She’s patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Above all, I was impressed with her ability to provide clear instructions and detailed, consistent help and feedback. You would be lucky to learn from Christina.

Jessica Duarte, Ladies Learning Code

Christina was instrumental in laying the foundation for our Lead Instructors to become champions of our inclusive and collaborative culture. She created training material and processes that give all our instructors a deeper understanding of the complexities and challenges of teaching diverse audiences as well as the tools to teach with compassion, humility and enthusiasm.

She brings to this challenging work a pedagogical framework that she developed through years of experience as a developer and as a teacher. Today we continue to use Christina's training materials and the best practices she established in all our new instructor training.

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Corporate Training & Workshops

Need something customized for your team or conference? My expertise is in front-end development, soft skills training and diversity and inclusion.

Christopher Davis, Toogood Financial Systems VP, Software Development

We were starting a web project involving a modern web experience, but we lacked the in-house skills in HTML and CSS to accomplish the types of layouts and behaviour we wanted in an efficient manner. We turned to Christina to train us in how to properly develop complex layouts with HTML and CSS, as well as provide us with guidelines on best practices.

The customized training materials and guided training sessions she provided were excellent. She was great at explaining the concepts and was always friendly. Also, she spent some time help us solve some specific layout problems we were encountering, as well as useful advice for how to best organize our front-end code as we proceeded. We are glad we leveraged her expertise.

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Curriculum Development

Do you need someone to create and standardize your curriculum? I can create content as well as recommend techniques and set guidelines for content and presentation styles so the experience for learners will be cohesive, no matter which course or workshop they take within your organization.

Melissa Sariffodeen, Ladies Learning Code Co-Founder + CEO

As our Director of Curriculum, Christina was instrumental in building a national training program for our educators coast to coast. Bringing with her years of experience in the tech industry coupled with a strong background in teaching, Christina was able to create a program that empowered and equipped our Lead Instructors with the tips and tools to deliver high quality, engaging workshops in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

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Technical Support

If you're an independent freelancer or small studio and just need a extra set of eyes to help plan, assess and execute your projects, I can help!

Shilling Chau DeHaas Art Director

Christina is the indispensable one-woman-helpline for any independent web design studio. Whether you're looking for another brain to assess your code, a fresh perspective on user experience, or a senior level developer to parachute in on a project, Christina is your right-hand woman. Aside from being a powerhouse of knowledge, she's patient, personable, and has the unique ability to get your team to move confidently forward.

Gwen ZezulkaPhotographer, Developer, Writer

Whether you're a designer/developer taking on your first clients or an experienced team ready to take your projects to the next level–you'll want Christina in your support network. Not only will she give you an objective opinion on your code and experienced advice on information architecture, she'll be a mentor, cheerleader, and generous friend who will share with you her own invaluable experiences as a front-end developer and technology business owner.

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Have an inquiry? Check out my answers to some common questions.

Can I take you out for coffee and pick your brain?

I get asked this question a lot and well, I have a lot to say about that! Check out my post about being asked to mentor or give advice for free and also how to ask for help.

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How much do your services cost?

That varies depending on what you're looking for. I prefer to quote per project or even per month if it's a semi-regular contract. I generally avoid charging by the hour because there's the actual hours I may spend on a task but also the value I can bring with my 10+ years of experience.

For example, if I charge $1000 for a 2hr workshop, that doesn't mean I make $500/hour. It means there are many hours of prepping and many things I've spent my own money and time to learn and perfect over years. Also, there are some tasks I may complete faster as I gain more experience. If I charge by the hour, I would make less money as I get better and that doesn't really make sense to earn less money for being efficient and more experienced.

This video provides a good explanation for charging based on value versus hours.

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Why is there such a big range among freelancers and sites like Squarespace? Why is your rate more than $50/hr? That works out to almost $100k per year and you're asking for double that? Squarespace only costs $10-40.

I know, contractor rates can sound high in comparison to website builders and annual salaries, broken down into hours. But I've read countless articles for comparison and research. I've done the math over and over again. If you really, really, really, really want to know a ballpark hourly rate for someone with my experience, it could be anywhere between $80-200+.

Some freelancers may charge a lower rate for a variety of reasons. The cost of living varies in different cities. Or they just don't know how to price themselves fairly yet. Some freelancers are willing to or in a position where they feel like they have to compete for the lowest bid. Low bids make it tough for everybody to earn a fair salary if we all end up competing to be the cheapest.

If a freelancer or consultant charges $100/hour, it doesn't necessarily mean that person makes $4000 a week. It's not usually possible for a freelancer to consistently bill for 40hrs a week, 52 weeks a year. Hence why our hourly or project rates are higher than dividing an annual salary into an hourly rate. Unlike salaried employees, we don't get paid for stat holidays, sick days, vacation days, going to conferences, taking time off work to go to the dentist, lunch breaks, etc. We have to pay for our own extended health insurance, computers, office equipment, work space, notebooks, pens, you get the picture.

Also, sites like Squarespace are great for getting something up relatively quickly and with minimal technical experience. For many people, that works just fine. But if you need more customization or more strategy, these pre-packages solutions may not provide that.

All I can do is give you my rates. You can decide if you think it's worth it. If you don't think I'm worth it, that's cool. But please don't ask me to lower what I think my value is.

Check out more resources about rates here, here and here.

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Do you build websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Not usually but if I have the time I may consider it for projects that have a minimum budget of $4000. Also, I'd like to think of myself as "design centric" but I'm not a designer by trade. So if you need a logo or branding, in addition to development, I would need to loop in one of my design partners.

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Can we still work together if I'm on a budget?

TOTALLY. Being on a budget just means we'll just have to shorten the wishlist and decide what requirements are the most important.

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Do you do anything for free? What about helping the community?

I sure do. I speak at local meetups and conferences but paid work always takes priority. I've also spent years doing volunteer work and have also taken jobs where I've been underpaid because I wanted to "do good."

But often, marginalized people are expected to do free emotional labour and it takes a toll on us. Doing community work can be emotionally exhausting, especially because the change I want to see is often slow. I've spent enough time being underpaid for the sake of "helping the community" so these days, I have to be more mindful with how often and for whom I do volunteer work for.

However, if you are looking to "pick my brain" about whether your business idea is viable, or you need advice on getting started, that will be considered a paid consulting service. I expect to be compensated if I'm helping you make money.

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How soon are you available?

I'm always always working on something so at least a two week window is required. Agreements must be worked out and contracts signed before any work starts.

Please provide as much info as possible in the initial email contact to avoid endless coffee dates. I usually take one or two initial calls or meetups to determine the scope of the project. This will also help me prepare a quote, proposal, timeline and provide any other information you may need.

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Can you promote my product or service?

I'd be happy to try out your product but unless it's something I currently need, it'll probably be lower on my list of priorities. Paid projects come first.

While I appreciate free memberships, access to products, services and such, I'll only promote what I actually use. And please don't add me to your mailing list without my permission.

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Are you looking for full-time employment?

I am open but it has to be pretty close to perfect for me to leave freelancing right now.

"Perfect" includes being a lead role, in an inclusive company that shows it's inclusive rather than just says it is. Perfect also means being able to work remotely. And of course, a fair salary that is transparent and reflective of the market.

Here are some resources about pay inequality here and here.

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