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I completed a train-the-trainer session with Christina and to this day, I still use the teachings. She delivers the content in such a way that it sticks with you and really resonates (she's also fun and very empathetic, which I enjoyed). I learned a lot about managing a room, engaging students and being inclusive so that nobody feels left out. I'm grateful for the training and would recommend her to anyone who runs a training company and to anyone who teaches. She is an indispensable resource for becoming a better Instructor. I hope we can utilize her skills again in the future. She's such a pleasure to work with!

Tara Wilkins, Camp TechInstructor, Marketing & Admin Manager

We were starting a web project involving a modern web experience, but we lacked the in-house skills in HTML and CSS to accomplish the types of layouts and behaviour we wanted in an efficient manner. We turned to Christina to train us in how to properly develop complex layouts with HTML and CSS, as well as provide us with guidelines on best practices.

The customized training materials and guided training sessions she provided were excellent. She was great at explaining the concepts and was always friendly. Also, she spent some time help us solve some specific layout problems we were encountering, as well as useful advice for how to best organize our front-end code as we proceeded. We are glad we leveraged her expertise.

Christopher Davis, Toogood FinancialVP, Software Development

As our Director of Curriculum, Christina was instrumental in building a national training program for our educators coast to coast. Bringing with her years of experience in the tech industry coupled with a strong background in teaching, Christina was able to create a program that empowered and equipped our Lead Instructors with the tips and tools to deliver high quality, engaging workshops in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Melissa (Crnic) Sariffodeen, Ladies Learning CodeCo-Founder + CEO

Christina is the indispensable one-woman-helpline for any independent web design studio. Whether you're looking for another brain to assess your code, a fresh perspective on user experience, or a senior level developer to parachute in on a project, Christina is your right-hand woman. Aside from being a powerhouse of knowledge, she's patient, personable, and has the unique ability to get your team to move confidently forward.

Shilling Chau DeHaas, Coffee&Code Creative Director

Whether you're a designer/developer taking on your first clients or an experienced team ready to take your projects to the next level–you'll want Christina in your support network. Not only will she give you an objective opinion on your code and experienced advice on information architecture, she'll be a mentor, cheerleader, and generous friend who will share with you her own invaluable experiences as a front-end developer and technology business owner.

Gwen Zezulka, Coffee&Code Lead Developer